Concept Note on the General Comment


Concept Note on the General Comment

A platform for information and consultation on the CESCR General Comment on the impacts of drug policies on economic, social and cultural rights


On 10 October 2022, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, a human rights treaty body of the United Nations, proposed to develop a new general comment that explores the impacts of drug policies on economic, social and cultural rights. Three members of the Committee have been appointed as rapporteurs (Seree Nonthasoot, Preeti Saran and Julieta Rossi) for the GC. This website is created as an informal platform to provide relevant information and invite inputs from stakeholders around the world. All official announcements will be made and updated through the OHCHR website. We, the rapporteurs, have posted the original concept note for reference on this website and will post other updates as the work progresses.

Broad-Based Consultations

Participation and consultation are two key procedural features of the GC. We aim at conducting consultations at multiple levels, nationally, regionally and internationally as well as with different groups of peoples. We have identified stakeholders that we will reaching out to in the chart below (updated from the concept note).

Call for Inputs

The GC has a word limit, according to the United Nations standard, of 10,700 words, including footnotes. While we are developing the document, we call on all stakeholders to provide their written inputs on the GC on the following issues.

1.       Impacts
Generally, the impacts of drug policies on economic, social and cultural rights from their perspectives and experiences.

2.       Violations
The situation of specific groups under the current drug policy framework in each country such as people who use drugs, women, children, people with disabilities, elder persons, people in detention, drug crop cultivators and producers, and migrant workers.

3.       Rights-based Approach to Drug Policy
The role and responsibilities of duty-bearers in protecting, respecting and fulfilling human rights of various groups of peoples in the context of drug policy.

4.       Relevant data and statistics

Stakeholders can provide their inputs on any or all of the above topics through the web channel on this page or via email to

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